All his life he lived on the same road
Except for the nineteen-forties we're told
He was in the war as an infantryman
He fought and survived until the war's end

Back home his goal was to drink and to run
With all he'd been through he needed some fun
But that was too much the elders all said
A doctor then ordered shocks to his head

Back home he came and started all over
Farm life is good for one who is sober
Through all of the shellings and all of the shocks
He'd lived through more than any man ought

With help from the folks he bought a small farm
Life on the land has its own kind of charm
But there was no wife to give to him care
The gal he had loved had to stay over there

Many years later on a hot summer day
The old man napped and then passed away
A few days later by a buddy he was found
We had a nice service and all gathered round

But I still see the man about every day
Because of the love in his eyes I'd say
Blue and twinkly and always with a smile
The kind that invited you to stay for a while

Little things didn't bother him after all he'd been through
He was the kindest and dearest and truest we knew
He is sadly missed in the between now and then
But he knew I'm sure that we'll all meet again

~~~ steve coates ~~~
© 2005


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