13 September 1944

Moved out at 0835, in accordance with F.O. No. 35, to assembly area vicinity (8018) and then moved northeast across country through the Foret Eupen with 1st Bn., on the right and 2nd Bn. on the left to the Eupen-Monschau road. 1st Bn. reached road at (884206) at 1337; and 2nd Bn. at (853229) at 1325. A great number of obstacles in the form of felled tree were found on the road, mined and booby trapped and also a few craters; It required extensive Engineer work to clear the road for vehicles, meanwhile two battalions proceeded southeast on the road to RJ at (899199); and turned north, sending a patrol toward (925190) the right boundary of the sector. Interdicting machine gun and mortar fire was received on the RJ (988199)? during vehicle passage and a platoon of tanks was sent toward Monschau to silence this.

Battalions proceeded north toward Rotgen and took up positions just south of the town with 1st Bn. on the right and 2nd Bn. on the left during the night, after clearing additional felled trees and mines off the road during their advance. CP established (883205) at 2100.

Line consolidated for night: (887253) (892253) (892253) (894248) (891270) (903270) (906266)

14 September 1944

Continued advance in morning in column of battalions in accordance with FO No. 36, HQ 9th Inf. Div. with 1st Bn. in the lead, advanced without opposition until fired on by an AT and MF at (995265) at 1155, knocked out by tanks. Then advanced through Lammersdorf and turned north and came under small arms and mortar fire at 1427, the defenses centering at the RJ (962281).

3rd Bn. followed 1st Bn. from assembly area vicinity (883205) and came under interdicting fire on the RJ 988199 during their advance; also encountered mines and felled trees along the road starting at (947240). On reaching CR at 966268, K Company turned right according to plan of sending one battalion up valley road east of Lammersdorf and came under fire from fortifications.

2nd Bn. remained in position as regimental reserve, prepared to move on order.

CP established 920274 at 1800.

15 September 1944

Attack continued at 0830 on same mission, C advancing up the road toward RJ 962281 came under MG, mortar and small arms fire. A and B companies which were maneuvering around left flank came under MG fire from pillboxes along their routes of advance and proceeded very slowly, for the balance of day.

2nd Bn. moved at 1130 to move on a wide envelopment to the left, and by 1355 had head of column at 974302 and had contact with enemy to the north, had G Company block routes from north and the battalion turned south to come in rear of the resistance holding up the 1st Bn. Resistance continued through balance of the day. 3rd Bn. pushed forward to the east and came upon the dragons teeth obstacles of the Siegfried Line and MG fire from pillbox dominating it. Hold up pending engineer preparations to blow up these obstacles to permit tanks to move through and engage pillboxes.

Lines at end of day: 1st Bn around RJ (962281), 2nd Bn (965295, 968295, 971291), with platoons of G Co on road blocks at (980315, 949300, 976315). 3rd Bn extended in arcs around roads from (972273, to 974270; 974268, 975267, 974266, 973262), third company from (972258 to 975253).

16 September 1944

1st and 2nd battalions continued attack on strong point at 962281, and after stubborn resistance both battalions approached the center of resistance, so that full use of heavy weapons and artillery could be effected. Contained the ground gained during the day, and after dark the 1st Bn was withdrawn to enable the 2nd Bn to clear up the remaining resistance. 3rd Bn continued advance slowly and infiltrated some troops through the dragons teeth, and began operations for reduction of pillboxes further east.

17 September 1944

1st Bn sent A Company to take over road block positions of G Company and the balance of the battalion moved into assembly area as regimental reserve. Alerted at 1430 for attachment to 60th Infantry. 2nd Bn cleared out resistance at RJ 962281 and moved south and southeast, mopping up resistance en route coming down the flank of the fortified zone, and approaching the area occupied by the 3rd Bn covering the intervening space by fire. 3rd Bn attempted to occupy hill at (974254) the dominating feature in their sector but were not able to secure the entire hill but worked elements to the southern and eastern slopes.

18 September 1944

1st Bn was attached to the 60th Infantry at 1500, minus A Co which remained on the road blocks to the north. 2nd Bn continued movement to link up with the 3rd Bn and pinched out I Co at 1037, and continued reduction of pillboxes. 3rd Bn continued work on pillboxes, with particular attention to those around a gap found in dragons teeth in K Co area, mines were cleared, and infantry and tanks moved through, but last tank hit a mine that not located and plugged the gap. I Co swung around in the gap between K and L companies to form a solid line.

Positions at end of day: 2nd Bn (979270, 976270, 980274, 980278), 3rd Bn (977264, 975259, 971258, 975253, 970255).

19 September 1944

Co A was relieved by Co G and rejoined the1st Bn with the 6oth Inf. 2nd Bn 60th Inf. was attached at 1827 and remained in defensive positions vicinity Monschau.

2nd and 3rd Bns patrolled in their areas while plans were formulated and while visibility was limited due to weather which. limited use of supporting weapons.


Source: N.A.R.A. Archives

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