1 - 31 DECEMBER 1944

APO 83

SUBJECT: Action Against Enemy, Reports Alter/After Action Reports.

TO: The Adjutant General, Washington, D. C.

In compliance with, paragraph 10, (C 3), AR 345-106, the following report of the period 1 December 1944 through 31 December 1944 is hereby submitted:

1 - 2 December 1944.

Continued on missions of patrolling. Wagon and cart activity in Nittel reported. Our artillery silenced noise. Shelling fired some houses. Ammunition explosions were heard in these houses shortly after. Five (5) round3 80 mm mortar fell in Stradtbredimus at 1400 on 2 December and one (1) round in Remich at 1445. One (1) man slightly wounded. No other activity.

3 December 1944.

Continued patrolling activities along west bank of Moselle. Mortar fire falling in Stradtbredimus at 1300 wounded one (1) man. Twelve (12) rounds mortar shells fell in Lenningen at 1300, no casualties. Lieutenant Colonel Ruggles, executive officer, 22nd Infantry, arrived at command post at 1730, relief of 331st by 22nd Infantry. One (1) German deserter surrendered to 2nd battalion at Machtum. Casualties for the day - one (1). One (1) Prisoner.

4 December 1944.

Regimental Commanding Officer, Assistant S-3, and three (3) Battalion Commanders left for 4th Division sector to make reconnaissance for relief of 12th Infantry on 7 December 1944. Patrolling mission continued throughout the day. No enemy activity. Commanding Officer, 22nd Infantry and Staff arrived at regimental command post at about 1730. 22nd Infantry closed in assembly areas at 2300. All 22nd Infantry troops were fed a hot meal by 331st Infantry.

5 December 1944.

Relief of 331st Infantry was started just prior to noon and completed by 1830. 22nd Infantry relieved unit for unit. Command of sector turned over to commanding officer 22nd Infantry at 1830. There was no hostile activity during relief. Advance party, 331st Infantry left for new area at 0830.

6 December 1944.

Regiment left Luxembourg at 0705 (head of column). Regiment moved with assistance of two (2) Quartermaster truck companies. Closed in vicinity of Gressenich, Germany at 1900. Regiment under control VII Corps.

7 December 1944.

Relief of 12th Infantry was initiated at 0800. 1st and 2nd battalions, 331st Infantry relieved 1st and 2nd battalions, 12th Infantry. 2nd battalion on the right, 3rd battalion in reserve. Cannon Company, 331st Infantry relieved Cannon Company, 12th Infantry in place. By 1600, relief was completed and Commanding Officer, 331st Infantry assumed responsibility for sector. 83rd Division at this time assumed responsibility for 4th Infantry Division sector. Units attached to 331st Infantry:

Mission of Regiment: To consolidate and hold present positions. Maintain contact with 330th on the right. At about 1925, eight (8) rounds 105 artillery fell in vicinity Company B. At about 2340, one hundred (100) rounds 150 mm artillery fell in 2nd battalion area. Casualties: Company B, one (1) WIA — Company H, one (1) KIA, five (5) WIA. Regimental Mine Platoon was engaged in mine removal in 2nd battalion area. Upon exploring a road block, one (1) mine was exploded, killing one (1) man and slightly wounding two (2). Casualties during the period; KIA - two (2); WIA - eight (8). No prisoners.

8 December 1944.

Regiment continued occupation of positions held by 12th Infantry. Consolidation of positions and preparation for future operations continued. Patrols from 2nd and 3rd battalions reached outskirts of Gey on west and woods on north of Gey. Results negative. Patrols considered ineffective — did not accomplish assigned mission of determining hostile dispositions. During the period 080030 to 080300, approximately 124 rounds artillery fell in regimental area. Casualties suffered were three (3) KIA and one (1) WIA. No prisoners taken. Friendly artillery of all calibers continued harassing fires throughout the night.

9 December 1944.

Company B, 759th Light Tank Battalion and Company B, 635th Tank Destroyer Battalion (towed) were detached from attachment to regiment and attached to 330th Infantry. Company C, 629th Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP) was attached to the 331st Infantry. During the night of the 8th and 9th December, 42 to 50 rounds heavy mortar and artillery shells fell in the regimental area including Service Company area, where two (2) men were slightly wounded. Night patrol from Company E ran into a considerable amount of barbed wire and tin cans. Heavy outposts prevented penetration of obstacle. Between 0730 and noon, approximately forty (40) rounds of artillery fell in general area square 050390. During the day, Engineer, Regimental Mine platoon and A & P Platoon was engaged in improving roads, removing mines and road blocks. A forward command post was established at 032413. Friendly patrols were sent out during the day to north and west of Gey. At 1415, a hostile five (5) man patrol was reported in the 1st battalion area. Three (3) patrols sent to make contact were unsuccessful. Original report came from 24th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron. Field Order number 2 was issued to Battalion Commanders and attached unit commanders. At about 1850, vehicles were heard southeast of Gey and lights observed. Our artillery silenced and stopped movements. Enemy dropped harassing mortar and artillery fire in area during the night. Flares appeared frequently along the front during the night. Total casualties: Two (2) WIA.


Source: National Archives and Records Administration

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