110th Infantry Regiment (28th Div.) - Unit Report No. 5

From: 010001 Nov 1944.
To    : 302400 Nov 1944.

HQ CT 110
032300 Dec 44
P 793543
Consthum, Luxembourg


  1. During period covered this Regt identified elements of the following units opposing it. These identifications were determined from prisoners taken by units in contact with the enemy:

    328th Tng Bn, 89th Div
    2d Bn, 983d Regt, 275th Div
    11th GAF Fortress Bn
    3d Bn, 1056th Regt
    6th Btry, 275th Arty Regt, 275th Div
    982d Regt, 275th Div
    77th Inf Regt, 26th VG Div
    78th Inf Regt, 26th VG Div
    941st Regt, 353d Div
    942d Regt, 353d Div
    26th Rcn Sqdn, 26th VG Div
    3d Bn, 26th Arty Regt, 26th VG Div

  2. No reports received of any reserves available to the enemy on our front.

  3. (1) In the area vic RICHELSKAUL, GERMANY, the enemy was defending heavily wooded defensive positions on high ground north of SIMONSKALL, GERMANY, and from the pillbox area, RAFFELSBRAND, GERMANY to L-007302, supported by an abundance of automatic weapons and entrenched mortars in the area of the enemy pillboxes.

    Pillbox Map Ochsenkopf - Raffelsbrand Area
    Pillbox Map Ochsenkopf - Raffelsbrand Area

    (2) In the area HOSINGEN - HOLZTHUM - VIANDEN, LUXEMBOURG, the enemy was defending from dug in positions and pillboxes on the high ground east of the OUR river.

  4. Definite information of the strength of the enemy defenses manned is lacking. His patrols are moderately active, and everyday his patrols are reported crossing the river and making limited advances forward of our MLR. One or two of his outposts established west of the river line have been destroyed by our combat patrols. Of the four prisoners, all deserters, taken in the LUXEMBOURG sector, three were definitely of the "bottom of the barrel" category.

  5. Enemy capabilities:

    (1) To send strong patrols and/or raiding parties to infiltrate and harass our positions, to capture PW's, to disrupt our communications and supply routes.

    (2) To interfere with our operations by use of saboteurs and agents operating behind our lines.


Source: National Archives

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